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Based on the technological advances of the Carita research laboratories, Progressif Anti-Ageing Body is a line of expert skincare products designed to fight signs of ageing on the body. 


Decléor understands that the stresses of modern life can affect well-being, damage skin and accelerate the effects of ageing. To combat this they’ve developed a 100% natural skincare system that works with your mind as well as your body, keeping your skin hydrated and vital.

Orange blossom, angelica, wheatgerm, lavender, sage and sandalwood are just some of the natural essences Decléor uses to cleanse, detoxify, oxygenate and moisturise the skin. As well as being rich in vitamins and minerals, their aromatherapeutic benefits bring calm and balance to mind, body and spirit.



DermaQuest Skin Therapy was founded in 1999 to develop and market high-quality skin-care products. We are committed to advancing the practical science of skin care. Every product we sell is precisely formulated from scientifically proven ingredients in our own on-site laboratory.

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ARÔME TONIC – TONIFYING BODY TREATMENT is a fragrant body mist with Essential Oils and a Plant Extract. A simple spray moisturises, softens and energises your skin. This breath of energy:

  • immediately refreshes and revitalises with Ginseng Extract,
  • moisturises and softens the epidermis (Pro-Vitamin B5 and Bisabolol),
  • releases a breeze of fresh, lively and subtle scents.

Body and mind are invigorated and energised!

£23.50 *

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A timeless treasure infused with real gold particles…

Infused with particles of 24-carat gold, this lush and exquisite cream smoothes and enriches mature skin to produce a youthful, lustrous glow.

£175.00 *

This total anti-ageing day serum is formulated to help mature skin defy time, combining the new Sol-Collagenine Complex and the most potent youth – boosting Essentials Oils. This 100% pure and natural new generation serum is free of preservatives for optimal affinity with the skin.

This unique and special treatment:

  • helps renew the skin, combat skin dehydration and reduces pigmentation blemishes.
  • leaves the skin smoothed, firmed, plumped up, deliciously nourished, evenly toned and protected.
  • increases the performance of the EXCELLENCE DE L’ÂGE SUBLIME REGENERATING CREAM.

AROMESSENCE™ EXCELLENCE is the quickest and most direct beauty routine available to act on all signs of time.

£71.00 *

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This 100% natural, preservative free new generation balm, with its lush, melt-in texture, offers all the benefits of a made-to-measure aromatic night-care treatment to act on all signs of time.

A touch of this balm, an unprecedented synergy of Essential Oils and the Sol-Collagenine Complex, allows the skin during the night time to be intensely renewed and recover all its comfort. On awakening the skin appears smooth and firm as if regenerated.

£73.50 *

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Inspired by the “Rénovateur”, the legendary CARITA exfoliating treatment, Gommage Peau de Satin is a rich and gentle cream made from sunflower seeds.

It not only has an incredible refining effect on the skin’s texture, but also stimulates and tones the skin.

£43.00 *

A highly concentrated emulsion full of slimming, draining and firming active ingredients (pure caffeine, extracts of Peruvian liana and sacred lotus) providing an amazing feeling of lightness and well-being.

£59.50 *

A truly exceptional skincare product, cachmere cream envelopes the body in a cocoon of softness and well-being.

Its firming complex helps improve the skin’s elasticity and combat sagging skin.

£68.00 *
Delicately light and smooth cream velvet glove is a hand and nail treatment that intensely moisturises and nourishes for total comfort.
£39.00 *

The perfect body care for dry skin, with its creamy and velvety texture.

Système Corps Nourishing Body Milk envelops the skin in a protective and comforting layer of moisture without leaving an oily film.

Nourished immediately, the skin enjoys a lasting comfort.

£28.00 *

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AROMESSENCE™ Slim Effect is 100% natural and preservative-free essential oil blend with a refined, silky and rapidly absorbed texture.

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The Slim Effect Balm is 100% natural and is specifically formulated to combat the appearance of orange-peel skin and cellulite.

£38.50 *

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